About YOUR Photographer



My passion is capturing beautiful memories and moments in time. With echoes of Renaissance and Baroque old master paintings, I can capture your individuality and beauty in a timeless and original fine art portrait for you to display on your walls at home or at your workplace.

My goal is to create photographs that are works of art, and which capture the best possible version of you; portraits that make a bold statement and that have a sense of timelessness. In my images, I love to capture mood and emotion. Through my subjects eyes, is the way to their soul.

Currently, my portrait sessions are held in a studio in north Boulder.

For professional and aspiring photographers, I will be offering workshops across the U.S. and abroad. Stay tuned for future workshop dates. Please contact me if you have any questions.

With gratitude,

  Barbara MacFerrin

Barbara MacFerrin, creator of "The Painted Portrait", specializes in fine art portrait photography in Boulder, Colorado. Barbara also enjoys photographing landscapes. During her travels, she has photographed icebergs in Greenland, glaciers in Iceland and polar bears in Northern Canada. She's a wife and a mother, speaks Spanish, is inspired by nature and believes that you're never too old to have an adventure!