About YOUR Photographer



My passion is capturing beautiful memories and moments in time. Many of us make excuses to not get in front of the camera. We either think we're "not good enough" or "pretty enough" or "thin enough", and the list goes on...

I want to show you just how beautiful you truly are - right now. I know how to capture your beauty and confidence with my camera.

I aim to produce images that capture your individual beauty in a timeless and original fine art portrait for you to display. My mission is to create the most beautiful portraits you've ever had. You deserve to exist in photographs - for yourself and for those who love you. 

Art belongs on your wall, not on your phone. 

With gratitude,

  Barbara MacFerrin
Barbara MacFerrin, creator of "The Painted Portrait", specializes in fine art portrait photography in Boulder, Colorado. Barbara is also a filmmaker and landscape photographer. She has photographed icebergs in Greenland, glaciers in Iceland and polar bears in Northern Canada. She's a wife and a mother, speaks Spanish, loves nature and believes that you're never too old to have an adventure!