Photographing a Photographer

I was recently honored to photograph a fellow portrait photographer.  Laura needed professional photographs of her for business and for dating - but she "HATED" being photographed. Like most of us photographers, we would much rather stay behind the camera, than in front of it!  After seeing my work, Laura trusted that I could do a good job with her headshots. Needless to say, I was honored - and a little nervous - to photograph another photographer who has been in the business a lot longer than I have!  I was confident in my abilities to help Laura feel comfortable during the session and deliver beautiful images.  She was such a treat to work with!

Laura came to the studio with several outfits for a variety of final looks. My hair and makeup artist, Deb, did a great job! Laura couldn't get over how much she loved how her hair looked! We had so much fun listening to music, laughing and being silly during the session!


I was so excited to show her the final photos and was also nervous because I wanted her to love them just as much as I did!  The first thing she said when she saw her images: "Is that me??" 

Professional headshot of redheaded woman with blue eyes in black turtleneck against black background taken by Barbara MacFerrin Photography in Boulder, Colorado.
Woman with red hair and blue eyes wearing red dress.

I'm thrilled that Laura is happy with her images and she now has beautiful headshots she can use for her business website, for social media, for business cards - even for dating!  I have a feeling her dating profile is going to blow up now! ;)


My sessions aren't only limited to inside the walls of the studio. We went outside before the sun went down to get some cute and playful outdoor shots. You can't go wrong with a beautiful backdrop in Boulder!

Laura owns Laura Rose Studios where her specialty is photographing children using black and white film. Check her out on Instagram!

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