Special Mom and Daughter Day


"The strength of motherhood

is greater than natural laws." - Barbara Kingsolver


I recently had the pleasure of photographing Susan and her daughter Siggy (short for Sigourney) in my Boulder studio. I met Susan through my husband, who had previously worked with Susan through a logistics company during the planning stages of an Arctic science expedition. Susan is an amazing woman with an interesting and exciting background. Not only is she a confident and caring wife and mother - she has managed numerous Arctic scientific campaigns in remote locations throughout Greenland!

Siggy was eager to try on different dresses for her photoshoot and she seemed to really enjoy the attention and pampering from getting her hair done! Both Susan and Siggy were naturals in front of the camera and they made the session so much fun! We started the photoshoot with Siggy while her mom was getting her hair and makeup done by makeup artist, Jen Murphy.

Siggy started her photoshoot wearing a casual outfit: cute jean shorts, a black top and sneakers. Afterwards, she decided to wear some of the dresses available in my wardrobe collection. 

Once Susan was ready, we got some gorgeous shots of her and Siggy together. These images will definitely be heirlooms their family can treasure forever!


I'm so glad that Susan and Siggy had such a great time during their photography session! Here's what Susan had to say:

“My daughter and I had photos taken by Barbara MacFerrin Photography and it was a great adventure! Our special day started out with hair and makeup and then we got to play dress-up with fancy gowns. We felt so glamorous and beautiful! Outfits chosen, next came the photo shoot. We were total newbies to the process but Barbara helped us out by giving us pose suggestions and tips. With Barbara's gentle instruction, we were completely at ease during the shoot and confident that our photos would turn out fabulous. The results speak for themselves -- I cried when I saw the entire collection for the first time! These lovely photographs capture how my daughter and I are together at a special moment: she on the precipice of adolescence and me at the finish line of youth. Our family and friends are blown away by how wonderful the photos are and I’m so grateful for both the photos and the experience. I highly recommend Barbara MacFerrin!”

I loved photographing these lovely ladies. I hope to have the privilege of being their photographer again! Here's a short video from their session. Thank you Susan and Siggy!