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Jean's Journey: Celebrating Life's Milestones with the 40 Over 40 Portrait Experience

At nearly seventy years old, my client, Jean, embarked on a journey of self-celebration through the "40 Over 40" portrait experience. Her story is a testament to the joys and challenges faced in a life filled with hurdles, intense joys, and profound gratitude. Here's an insightful glimpse into her inspiring journey and the transformative impact of this extraordinary photography session.

"I wanted to celebrate my life's journey for the 70 years lived so far. I am proud of where I have been, where I am now and excited about what is left to be."

Since an early age, she embraced a planner's mindset, setting goals for her career and personal growth. However, her perspective shifted post-forty, focusing on a journey encompassing creativity, nature, and spirit. Amidst life's hurdles, including multiple encounters with cancer and the loss of loved ones, she found solace in small, intense moments of happiness.

Motivated to celebrate her 70th birthday, she eagerly took part in the "40 Over 40 Return To You Portrait Experience". The preparations for the session were not just about styling but also boosted her confidence, enabling her to ace a job interview with newfound self-assuredness, which resulted in a job offer within hours.

"The portraits show me who I feel like 'inside.' I now have documentation that I am confident, attractive, and can 'get-it-together' when I want to!"

The highlight of her portrait session was an unexpected "makeover" event, transforming her appearance. Initially hesitant, she embraced the change and, to her surprise, fell in love with the styled look. The session became a deeply meaningful, confidence-boosting experience that highlighted her beauty and resilience.

These portraits are more than just images; they signify a celebration of her life's journey, a tool for self-reflection, motivation, and goal setting. They portray her inner strength, reminding her of her capabilities to achieve dreams and goals, however big they may be.

"These portraits have a deeper meaning. Looking at this collection, I have a wonderful tool for goal-setting and motivation. That woman in the photo can DO things!"

Her resounding recommendation for the "40 Over 40 Return to You Photography Experience" echoes her belief that it's a transformative amalgamation of self-care, therapy, and magical moments. Her advice to women contemplating such an experience is simple: it's a gift you deserve—a blend of rejuvenation, self-celebration, and empowerment.

"I absolutely recommend the '40 Over 40 Return to You Photography Experience'. It is a unique combination of SPA day, therapy and coaching session, and 'Cinderella' moment! I am so grateful to Barbara and Theresa for their support and skill through this process. My advice: this is a wonderful gift to yourself, which you so deserve."

This candid testimonial sheds light on how a photography experience isn't merely about capturing images; it's about celebrating oneself, embracing confidence, and finding inspiration in life's milestones. It's a narrative of resilience, gratitude, and the enduring spirit of womanhood, resonating with those seeking a journey of self-discovery beyond forty.

Thank you for taking this incredible journey with us through Jean's story. If you're considering celebrating your own unique journey with an unforgettable portrait experience, I'm excited to welcome you in front of my lens in our north Boulder studio location. Together, let's create cherished memories that beautifully reflect your life's remarkable milestones!


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