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10 Hour Mentoring Package

10 Hour Mentoring Package

Are you ready to invest the time and really focus on your personal growth and photography business?  We will meet virtually once a week for 2 hours each week for a total of 5 weeks.


What do you need help with? You can book time with me for photography mentoring: getting started with a portrait photography business,  image review for competiton, website review, getting clients, or help with finding your photography style. As a certified life coach, I  can help even if you just need general direction and guidance in other areas of your life, whether or not it's directly related to photography.


There are so many questions and decisions to make as you go through the process of starting a photography business, and sometimes other life circumstances can keep you stuck and unable to move forward. Whether you’re just starting out or have been a professional photographer for a while, let me help you get through the challenges and questions that can slow you down.


After you purchase this package, you will receive a downloadable file with a link to complete a questionnaire to get us started. We will then be in touch to set up the times for your mentoring sessions. 


If you need a no credit check, no interest, no debt payment option, check out CLUSIVI for a different way to save up for your classes!

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