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Studio Day In Your Space

Studio Day In Your Space

Do you get frustrated when you can't get consistent results with your images, especially when it comes to lighting? Did you invest in expensive lighting gear thinking that would help, but you're still getting inconsistent, mediocre results?  Have you attended lighting workshops where you get great images there, but then are unable to replicate it in your space?  I can help you achieve more consistent lighting  and beautiful images in your own space with your own equipment. We'll spend a full day together where I will teach you lighting for fine art images and headshots in your space. We will photograph a model who you bring in and we'll work on posing, expession and shooting. We'll also go over your camera settings and best practices to get more consistent results.  We will also cover Photoshop editing.


Please fill out this form first before purchasing. After purchasing this class, you will receive an email confirmation.


*Please make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see a confirmation email**


Please note this flat rate is valid for travel within the contiguous 48 states. Additional travel fees may apply depending on dates/location. Contact me first before booking.  Participant meal(s) are not included in the pricing. Studio Day in Your Space must be booked no less than 3 weeks prior to the session date to arrange for travel acommodations. If payment is made less than 3 weeks prior to the session date, a 15% fee will be incurred to cover higher airfare and lodging costs.



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"I highly suggest Barbara for studio education and workshops. Her expertise and overall education has been imperative to the refinement and success of my studio. As a fine art photographer myself, there are not many photographers I would trust to take my family portraits. Barbara's style is classical and I am grateful for her creating a photograph that will be a legacy piece. "

- Rebecca R., Orlando, FL

  • Terms and Conditions

    Please note that the class is non-refundable. Participants are prohibited from teaching as a photography mentor or instructor within two years of the completion date of this class. This includes online and in-person workshops. Images obtained from the class are for the sole purpose of learning. You must agree that the knowledge you gain from attending this class is strictly for personal use and directly for your photography business as it pertains to photographing clients.  The Participant understands that all information that is provided is the exclusive property of Barbara MacFerrin Photography and is privileged and confidential information. It may not be copied, shared, sold, or disseminated in part or in whole. This includes, but is not limited to screenshots, video recordings, and copying of any written material. The sharing of any material or insights obtained from Barbara MacFerrin Photography is prohibited. Barbara MacFerrin Photography is not responsible for any personal property damage or personal injury during the Masterclass. Any violation of these Terms and Conditions may be subject to legal liability. Please note that if there are any flight delays or cancellations beyond my control, there are no refunds. The class may be rescheduled, however, there may be additional fees incurred.

    Please note: This class is not available to photographers in the state of Colorado

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