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Laura's Gift: Embracing the Beauty of Turning 60 Through Fine Art Portraiture

Turning 60 is a milestone to be celebrated, and for Laura, it was an opportunity to give herself a truly special gift - a portrait photography session through the "40 over 40 Return to You Photography Experience." A mother who has always put her children's needs first, Laura took this chance to pamper herself and step into the spotlight for a change.

"I turned 60 this year and had determined to make a year-long celebration of this milestone. I realized that I had never had a portrait done of just me. It felt like the right moment in time to stand on my own and celebrate this moment and record it for myself and for my children."

The "40 over 40 Return to You Photography Experience" had a profound impact on Laura's confidence and sense of empowerment. As she entered her 60s, she realized that she no longer needed to conform to societal norms or seek approval from others. This newfound freedom allowed her to embrace her individuality and proudly declare that she is not defined by her age.

"Who cares what the 'norms' are for a 60-year-old woman? The beauty of this age is that you know who you are and you don't have to follow someone else's definition of what 60 looks like or what 60 feels like."

During the photography session, Laura was pleasantly surprised by how quickly she felt at ease and how much fun she had. It was a liberating experience for her to focus on herself and embrace her own vibrant spirit. The images captured during the session became a powerful reminder that she is more than the roles she has played in life; she is a vibrant, empowered woman who deserves to be celebrated.

The session was filled with different looks, each bringing out a different facet of Laura's personality. She wore a handmade floral coat that held significant meaning, reminding her of her late husband and the cherished memories they shared.

We then delved into the realm of fine art portraiture, where Laura's femininity and softness were celebrated in a painterly portrait wearing a simple open front cover-up chosen from the studio wardrobe. My assistant, Theresa, as always did an amazing job with hair and makeup. I have to say that this portrait is probably my favorite!

Woman holding flowers and wearing a beige dress

With a colorful silk scarf and simple black dress, Laura exuded grace and elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to the portraits.

And finally, she courageously bared some skin, wearing just a scarf, and revealing her sensual and feminine side. I absolutely love these and how Laura's confidence shines through!

In the midst of life's challenges, especially as a widow raising her children alone, Laura found joy and beauty in the process of creating these portraits. It was a transformative experience that helped her reconnect, gaining new insights about herself and the journey she has traveled.

"At first, it felt like it a large extravagance even if it was to celebrate my 60th birthday, so the decision to do the session was a new thing for me. The photos reflect the joy and beauty in myself that has been hard to see or feel during the difficult years. But I'm here, I'm alive, and there is still so much to look forward to in my life!"

Laura wholeheartedly recommends this experience to others looking to celebrate their individuality and mark a significant milestone. Being made to feel like a supermodel, pampered and beautiful, is an unparalleled experience that can ignite a newfound appreciation for oneself.

It was such an honor that Laura traveled all the way from North Carolina to be photographed by me! Her trust in my work and her willingness to embrace her spirit made this experience even more special.

If you are looking to celebrate a significant milestone or simply embrace your vibrant spirit, I invite you to join the "40 over 40 Return to You Photography Experience." Like Laura, you can stand on your own terms, capturing the beauty of who you are in this moment. Let this portrait session be your year-long celebration and a cherished record for yourself and your loved ones.

By participating, you will not only reconnect with yourself but also become part of a gallery exhibit where you and 39 other remarkable women over 40 will be celebrated and admired. Don't miss this opportunity to step into the spotlight and experience the joy of self-expression through fine art portraiture with Barbara MacFerrin Photography. Contact me today to reserve your spot at our North Boulder studio and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

Looking forward to capturing you through my lens!


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